Sometimes, you just need to consult with someone who is experienced and can do some legwork for you.  If you can't find what you need in myCaregivers Library, I will be glad to offer my services at an hourly rate.  It is better to pay for advice up front, if necessary, than to make a costly mistake and sell a home you may not need to sell. 

Making a decision to sell your house is stressful with all the complications that go along with it. Making a decision to sell a loved one's house is far more stressful with all the additional complications and emotions that are involved. Those complications could be simply down-sizing and wonderingwhether you will be subject to capital gains taxes. Or, it could be as life-changing as wondering if you will have enough equity in your house to pay for assisted living or long term care.

Wouldn't it be wise to have a real estate professional by your side whom you can trust – one who has had experience with specializing in Seniors Real Estate?  And, a Realtor who has the patience to spend the necessary time to help you and your loved one make an informed decision and who cares enough to offer alternatives which may mean your loved one gets to stay in their house?  It's not JUST about the commission. It IS about what is best for your loved one and ensuring your family's needs are met.

If you decide you would like consulting services, I charge $45 an hour.  If we do decide it is best that you put the home in question up for sale and you list it with us, when it sells and closes I will be glad to reimburse up to $350 of the consulting fees you paid me.

Please do let me know how I can help you make the best decisions possible for your family's needs.